LEADERSHIP is in crisis

There has never been more leadership resources available as there is today.  From books to blogs, podcasts to articles, we are awash with the latest and greatest in leadership tools, resources and rhetoric.  This has highlighted a further issue, for great resources and tools to be of use the reader - leader needs to have a foundational grasp and understanding of good leadership principles and how to apply that to the tools. 
Allow me to illustrate, imagine we have a tap that is giving us dirty water, (poor leadership practice and results), and we change the taps, the piping add a filtration system etc, but these only work for so long.  Because the issue is at the well. The well is polluted.


Because no real leadership training has taken place at a local level, the problem is allowed to infiltrate our organisation to devastating effect. then goes up stream.  We are forced to select youth federation presidents and other administration from a dirty well.  So the problem goes upstream.  We continue to throw tools and resources and special days at it, but again it can not solve the problem because the well is still dirty.  We then blame the tools, or the structure.  It then looks as though federations are failing or tools are insufficient.  Though these may well need updating they are not the problem.  The problem is the well, the problem is leadership.

This is not just a problem in the church, the problem of leadership can be found from football dressing rooms, to company boardrooms, the family home to the school governors meeting.  We have, on a universal scale a leadership issue.





I believe God has uniquely positioned you and I, here for such a time as this. The poor results we are witnessing now are not a result of the last six months or six years, but actually as a result of the last 10, 15, 20 years.  Likewise, the fruit of the decisions we make now may not be fully ripe until 10 or 20 years, never the less, its time to make a change its time to step out of short term planning and step into creating a long term legacy.  This is my life' work and this is what I have and will continue to dedicate my time, money and resources to.

A quick whip round this website and you will see the resources and materials we have and will continue to create, with the sole purpose of help church leaders retain and disciple their teens and young adults.

We currently provide as many resources as we can free of charge.  We also try to keep our fees for workshops and other training down to minimum.  The dream is to one day provide everything absolute free.  This will be made possible by the generous donations of individuals like yourself.  Below you  will find a donate button.  If you believe in the mission and would like to support financial, please consider giving.  Thank you for your time.